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"I was one of very few 12-year-olds in 1998 with
a color-coordinated closet."



Lindsey Sanchez is a Long Island, NY native, who resides in the beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina area with her husband and her daughter. Organizing has always been a personal interest and an innate skill that has served her well over the course of her ten+ years of experience as a supply chain and logistics professional in Fortune 500 companies. Her true passion is creating spaces in homes that cultivate an appreciation for an organized life. Lindsey decided to leave the corporate world behind to turn her passion into a business of helping others. She is currently furthering her education and will obtain an Interior Design Certification from Parsons School of Design in NYC. With qualities such as empathy, patience, ingenuity, attention to fine details and a good sense of business acumen, Lindsey is determined to help an array of clientele to bring function, allure, and a sense of serenity to their personal spaces. 

Lindsey Sanchez

"Organizing has been my passion since as long as I can remember. I was one of very few 12-year-old’s in 1998 with a color-coordinated closet. I never thought that my love for organizing could be a career. 

When I walked away from corporate life to focus on health, happiness and mom life, I decided to pursue my passion of home organizing. I joyfully poured my heart and soul into building a business model and a brand. I’m so grateful for the endless amount of support I’ve received throughout my journey. Thanks to my husband, family members, friends, and incredible clients, I’m living my dream. It is extraordinarily rewarding to help my clients to reduce the stress and anxiety that clutter creates, by bringing order and a sense of calm into their homes and lives.”


-Lindsey Sanchez, Owner – Prim Space Home Organizing

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