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Overall I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Lindsey was extremely professional, even taking extra coronavirus precautions while helping me to organize my kitchen and pantry. I am overjoyed every time I go into my kitchen and see how clean and put together everything is. I enjoyed the experience so much that we are now working on organizing my guest bedroom and closet!



My experience working with Prim Space has truly been life changing and far beyond just home organization. In a time when we are in our homes more than ever, Lindsey helped us to creatively reimagine and transform critical places within our household to create spaces that are more functional, organized, beautiful and above all else sustainable. Lindsey’s incredible eye for design, detail and flexibility to work within a range of budgets made for a seamless, collaborative and truly fun experience. I wish I could work with Lindsey on every room in our house (and some day will)!



Lindsey is amazing! And I’m not just saying that because she’s a good friend of mine! She is incredible at what she does. Not only does she help get your space organized, but she thoughtfully comes up with a system that works for your family which is easy to maintain. As a mom, she gets it! Lindsey has helped me create and organize a playroom from scratch. She’s organized my children’s closets and our pantry! And once you start with Lindsey, you’ll want her to do your entire house!



When we moved in I told myself I'd make something wonderful out of this space. After ten months, a pandemic, and a heavily abused warehouse club membership it was time to call in some reinforcement. A close friend had used Prim Space for her pantry and after seeing her transformation on social media, I had to reach out. Lindsey's response time is second to none. I could tell from our initial phone calls and interactions this is a person I can trust and have a bond with. Relationship building qualities aside, amidst a pandemic, Lindsey showed up fully gloved and masked and instantly comforted me. During her initial visit she took the time to talk me through my entire pantry and somehow still found time to check out my spices and cleaning storage. She pulled together two great space plan options and always led by setting realistic time expectations. She went above and beyond to get the specific items we wanted - literally drive to a store in a different state 3 hours away! The patience of a saint, the precision of a marksman and the kindness of Mother Teresa. If you've not already reached out to work with Prim Space, dust the pixies out of your eye and hit that 'contact us' button already!



I was referred to Lindsey by two different friends, and I am so grateful they suggested her!  My husband and I always say that the two most valuable things to us are time and space and we got back both by hiring Lindsey.  Our son’s room has three times the usable play space as it did before, which keeps our living room from falling victim to toy overflow.  It’s also significantly easier to keep tidy, which means we’re regaining precious time to spend together.  Had I taken on this project myself it would’ve taken multiple months of sneaking in small changes in my free time.  Not only that, but I would have spent just as much money and it wouldn’t have turned out anywhere near as nice.  Do yourself a favor, and let a professional do the job!



I absolutely loved working with Lindsey and couldn’t have imagined anyone better to help me better organize my pantry! I started working with Lindsey right before the pandemic and once lockdown hit, she quickly regrouped and came to my aid with helping me virtually! She is such a sweet soul and truly has a passion for what she does and it shows! I didn’t realize how bad I needed her guidance until the process began, I would have never been able to do it without her! Organizing my pantry helped me see everything I had and has saved me money from buying things that I already have on hand. I also have extreme anxiety and adhd which hinders me from so many things and her guidance in organizing has helped me continue to clear my home of clutter and become a more organized person overall! I’m forever grateful for Lindsey and all she has done for me by simplifying my life through organizing and would absolutely recommend her to everyone! 



Lindsey was a real treat to work with! She made my pantry dreams come true! She truly listened to my thoughts and made them come alive. She worked and re-worked based on every comment I shared! It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to other projects in the future!



"Prim Space has truly been such a gift to this overwhelmed and exhausted working mom! Juggling two kiddos under three, recently returning to work from maternity leave, moving, and a husband with an even more unforgiving career than mine left me desperate to say the least. Lindsey completely transformed our kitchen, pantry and guest bathroom into an efficient work of art! She made my unique “wish list” (one space for all my pumping/bottle supplies, spaces for my toddler to self serve, baby/toddler proof most bottom drawers so they can explore, the list goes on) come to life! Next up is tackling our basement — organizing all of our back stock, my husband's tools/mini man cave, and creating a designated workout space for me. Lindsey can do it all! I cannot say enough great things about what she’s done- she’s truly turning our house into a home."



Lindsey is a ray of light and a talented organizer extraordinaire! She transformed multiple spaces in our home with ease including a nursery, living room shelving, pantry and playroom. Lindsey is extremely professional and provides a true white glove service which was extremely valued during a tricky time after a big move in late pregnancy. Lindsey’s meticulous service and approach helped calm my mind and bring order to my spaces and peace to my busy mom life. For that I am forever grateful to her. I especially appreciated her thorough upfront planning, friendliness and strong communication all throughout our projects. Do yourself a favor, hire Lindsey and give yourself the gift of a beautifully functional, stylish and optimized space!



I heard about Prim Space from a mutual friend and immediately had to reach out. Who wouldn't want someone to come organize your life? Lindsey is really the best! Not only does she go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect but she also includes you in every step of the process. She really helps you get the aesthetic you want while staying within your budget. She creates a personalized system that helps you to maintain her beautiful work! So far she has conquered my pantry and master closet. Can't wait to have her organize more spaces in my house.

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Lindsey Sanchez is truly a gem. One of the most organized people to work with which would make sense given the nature of her business. If you want someone who is going to get the job done, but also cares about your personally, you need to hire Prim Space. She pays attention to every detail and makes you feel valued during the whole process!



Lindsey with Prim Space did an excellent job organizing my pantry and linen closet! I love that she planned out several options for me to choose from based on my budget. She went above and beyond to make the spaces beautiful and functional! I would love for her to come back and do every closet!

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