Prim Space


Bringing serenity, appeal and function into homes through customized organization solutions and design.



Prim Space Home Organizing is a luxury lifestyle service that organizes any and every space with diligent attention to detail and carefully considered organizational systems. We are committed to providing our clients in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas with a service that guarantees an organized, decluttered, user-friendly and visually pleasing home. Our mission is not only to create the balance between function and aesthetics, but to provide our clients with the tools needed to bring peacefulness and order to their home. Additionally, Prim’s objective is to create a method of organization for each space with ease of maintenance in mind. We believe that for a home to operate effectively, efficiently, and calmly, it is essential to be organized. In a world where life gets hectic, Prim will implement a customized solution that will create order and simplicity out of chaos.



Prim Space will provide all-inclusive organizing services, handling everything from start to finish. Check out some of our spaces!